Mutations are gained by hitting a certain threshold of Radiation, or by consuming various Mutagens.

Name Description Effects Stacks?
Slit Nostrils Your nose is flush with your face, leaving only slits to breathe out of. -2 Stamina Regen No
Sickle Cells Your red blood cells are sickle-shaped, making it more difficult to recover from injuries. -2 Health Regen No
Asthmatic You have a hard time catching your breath. -1 Endurance

-1 Max Stamina

Large Heart Your heart is larger than normal. +1 Endurance

+1 Max Stamina

Night Vision You are very comfortable in darkness. It hides no secrets for you. +4 Light Radius No
Unshakable Will Your mind is a fortress. You can resist confusion and stun attacks more easily. Confusion Resistance

Stun Resistance

Charged A constant stream of electricity runs through your body, occasionally zapping enemies on contact. Chance to deal energy damage to attacker. No
Sluggish Your movements and reaction time are slowed. -2 Move Speed

+2 Attack Delay

Zarina Your skin is thin, like paper. -1 Defense

-10% Cold Resist

-10% Heat Resist

Serpentine Your legs have been fused together, creating a hideous tail. +4 Stealth

Lose all Legs

Gain a Tail

Tail You have a small tail protruding from the base of your back. +1 Move Speed

Gain a Tail

Max 2
Extra Head You have another head sticking awkwardly from your neck. +2 Intelligence-1 Influence

Gain a Head

Max 2
Extra Leg You have an extra leg. With some practice, it will allow you to move faster. +3 Move Speed-1 Influence

Gain a Leg

Max 4
Extra Arm You have an extra arm protruding from your torso. +1 Dexterity-1 Influence

Gain an Arm

Max 4
Claws Your hands are gnarled claws, unable to wear gauntlets or gloves. +1 Unarmed

Arms gain Claws.

Arms cannot wear gear.

Become Sharp Claws
Sharp Claws Your hands bear extremely sharp claws, unable to wear gauntlets or gloves. (Claws II) +1 Unarmed

Arms gain Sharp Claws.

Horns Your head grows curved horns. You can gore opponents, causing bleeding, but cannot wear head gear. Heads gain Horns.

Heads cannot wear gear.

Ability - Gore

Become Large Horns
Large Horns The horns on your head have become massive and encumbering. You cannot wear head gear, but can gore nearby opponents. (Horns II) Heads gain Large Horns. No
Tendrils Your arms have turned into long whispy tendrils, capable of hitting enemies from a distance. -1 Strength

+1 Dexterity

Arms gain Tendrils.

Arms cannot wear gear.

Become Tentacles
Tentacles Your arms have turned into long tentacles. (Tendrils II) +1 Dexterity

Arms gain Tentacles.

Large Cranium Your head is very large, and most head gear will not fit. +1 Intelligence

Head cannot wear gear.

Rubbery Skin Your skin is stretchy, yet somewhat resilliant. +5% Heat Resist

+5% Cold Resist

+5 Energy Resist

Become Rubbery Skin II
Rubbery Skin II Your skin is stretchy and very resilliant. +5% Heat Resist

+5% Cold Resist

+5 Energy Resist

Selective Pigmentation Your skin can adapt its colour to your surroundings. +5 Stealth No
Smooth Skin Your skin is extremely smooth and beautiful. +4 Influence No
Alluring Voice Your voice is quite pleasant to listen to. +2 Influence No
Nimble You are faster, but your strength suffers. +1 Dexterity

+2 Move Speed

-1 Strength

Compound Eyes You have trouble focusing with your large fly-like eyes.
-1 Accuracy No
Dorsal Fin You have a fin sprouting from your back, restricting the gear you can wear. Back cannot wear gear. No
Tough Shell A thick tortoise-like shell covers your back, offering great protection at the cost of speed. +2 Defense

-2 Move Speed

Wings You have wings sprouting from your back. Gain two Wings. Max 2
Antennae Your head bears two large, ugly antennae. -3 Influence No
Beak Your mouth has been replaced by an unsightly beak. -1 Influence No
Webbed Digits Your fingers and toes are webbed, allowing you to move through the water quickly. No movement penalty in water No
Aquatic You feel more comfortable in water than out. Swimming causes you to move faster than on land. Move faster in water. No
Hollow Bones Your bones have become hollow like a bird's. -1 Defense No
Dense Bones Your bones' density has increased, protecting you. +1 Defense No
Cold-Blooded Your body temperature varies with your environment. +25% Heat Resist

-25% Cold Resist

Chitinous Skin Your skin is covered in a thin layer of chitin. +1 Defense

+5% Heat Resist

Scales Your body is covered in thick, tough scales. +1 Defense Become Plated Skin
Plated Skin Your body is covered in large segmented plates. It slightly impacts your movement. (Scales II) +1 Defense

-1 Move Speed

Second Heart You gain a second heart, and it miraculously doesn't interfere with your circulatory system. +1 Endurance

+5 Max Stamina

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