Quests are tasks to complete while wandering Axu. There are currently two main factions, The Ensis and the Kindred of the Deep that have story-pivotal quests. All others are Side Quests, and not mandatory to completing the game.

Ensis Quests


"Explore the underground caverns. There are stairs down inside the building you started in front of."
The introductory quest. You are to go down one level into the caves below the Abandoned Building. Upon taking the task, you are given a Makeshift Cloak and a Flask with one unit of Regenitrol.

Rewards: 20XP

Prerequisites: Speak with Akk-Lune on the starting screen.

Spelunking II

"Find further passages down to make your way to the bottom of this cave. The artifact must be there."
Travel down to elevation -4 to complete this quest.

Rewards: 50XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Spelunking"

The Hunter's Artifact

"You sense a powerful hostile presence nearby. Defeat the menace, then talk to Akk-Lune and give him the artifact it holds."
Defeat the Deep Hunter, grab the Curious Artifact, then return it to Akk-Lune.

Rewards: 100XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Spelunking II"

Find the Power Plant

"Find the abandoned Power Plant."
You must travel to the Power Plant. Follow the quest arrow on the map to get there.

Rewards: 50XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Hunter's Artifact"

Activate the Terminals

"Turn on the five terminals inside the Power Plant. There is one on each floor."
As the description implies, there are five terminals inside the power plant. One on each floor. You need to interact with each of them to complete the quest. Upon completion, Akk-Lune moves to the Ensis Stronghold exterior.

Rewards: 150XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Find the Power Plant"

Find the Ensis

"A voice told you to find people known as "The Ensis\". Arthomas is waiting for you at their stronghold."
Travel to the Ensis Stronghold and speak to Arthomas beside the gate. He will allow you entry inside.

Rewards: 25 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Activate the Terminals"

Speak with Lomis

"Arthomas told you to meet Lomis, head of the Ensis."
Head inside the Ensis Stronghold and speak with their leader, Lomis. He is the elderly man standing by the entrance.

Rewards: 5XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Find the Ensis"

Mad Scientist

"Lomis asked you to speak with Ka-Nil, the head engineer. He can be found below the Ensis Stronghold."
Head down below the Prison, and meet Ka-Nil on floor 5.

Rewards: 30 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Speak with Lomis"

Heart Recovery

"Recover an Irradiated Heart for Ka-Nil's experiments. The creature at the next level down of the Stronghold has one."
Go down one more floor (-6) and kill the creature below. It will drop an Irradiated Heart, which you need to give to Ka-Nil

Rewards: 100 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Mad Scientist"


"Ka-Nil needs you to find 4 Spiny Fronds."
Head out into Plains or Forest biomes and kill Man-Eating Plants. They often drop Spiny Fronds. Give 4 to Ka-Nil to complete the quest. Completing this quest gives Lomis the quest "What Lies Beneath".

Rewards: 100 XP, Canteen of Regenitrol x1

Prerequisites: Complete "Heart Recovery"

What Lies Beneath

"Explore beneath the Kindred Hideout."
Head to the Kindred Hideout, and dive down 5 floors. Then return to Lomis.

Rewards: 500 XP, Return Pad

Prerequisites: Complete "Apprenticeship"

The Cathedral

"Find answers in the Kindred's Cathedral."
Lomis instructs you to head to the Kindred Cathedral in search of answers. Once there, talk to Corith. He will prompt you to talk to him again to get answers.

Rewards: 30 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "What Lies Beneath"


"Talk to Corith to gain information on The Kin of the Deep."
Talk to Corith again.

Rewards : 1 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Cathedral"

The Return

"Return to Lomis and tell him the information you have gathered about the Kin's plans."
Return to the Ensis Stronghold and talk to Lomis. He will instruct you to talk once again to Ka-Nil.

Rewards: 250 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Information

Strike the Earth

"Ka-Nil needs 7x Unknown Ore, found only in the Tundra. The best-known veins are located beneath the Frostborne Village."
Head to the Tundra and find the Frostborne Base. Beneath the building, you need to interact with the Ore while holding a digging weapon. (Pickaxe, Shovel or Drill Fist.) Give 7 of them to Ka-Nil.

Rewards: 400 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Return"

See Arthomas

"Go see Arthomas. Ka-Nil said he was looking for you."
Head back up, then speak to Arthomas by the gate entrance. He will ask you to break all ties with the Kindred (if there are any) and speak to him once you are ready.

Rewards: 5 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Strike the Earth"

First Strike

"Kill 5 Kindred to prove your loyalty to The Ensis."
Arthomas instructs you to kill 5 Memebers of the Kin of the Deep, then return to him. Completing this quest will make all Kindred hostile to you.

Rewards: 200 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "See Arthomas"

Body of a God

"Go to the Kindred Fabrication Plant and stop the construction of a Deep One's physical body."
Now a full member of The Ensis, you are instructed to head to the Fabrication Plant (up North in the Tundra) and stop the construction of Xzol's body. You see no signs of life outside the building, and decide to head inside.

Rewards: 55 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "First Strike"

The Fabrication Plant

"Explore deeper into the Fabrication Plant."
Head downwards into the Fabrication Plant. Reach the bottom level, and you will be prompted to return to Arthomas.

Rewards: 10 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Body of a God"

Bearer of Bad News

"Return to Arthomas with the unfortunate news."
Return to Arthomas with the knowledge that the Fabrication Plant is completely deserted.

Rewards: 10 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Fabrication Plant"


"Go beneath the Cathedral and confront the Kin of the Deep before Xzol has been transferred into his new body."
Head back to the Cathedral and downwards. Isazna will stop you on floor 8.

Rewards: 200 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Bearer of Bad News"

Death of a Prophet

"Kill Isaza."
Isazna stops you on your descent, telling you that you are too late. Kill her.

Rewards: 300 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Confrontation"

Dark Times

"Isazna claims Xzol has already made his way to the Ensis Stronghold. Return there to see if there are any survivors."
Return to the Ensis Stronghold and speak with Ka-Nil. He explains that Xzol came and wiped out all Ensis except Arthomas and himself. Arthomas is missing and must be found. You can find him back at your Home Base.

Rewards: 10 XP, Sword of Fate

Prerequisites: Complete "Death of a Prophet"

The Duke of Lies

"Find Oromir, the Duke of Lies, at Magna Dwyll."
After finding Arthomas, he asks you to travel to Magna Dwyll, a fortress out in the ocean. Speak with Oromir, The Duke of Lies about helping The Ensis survive.

Rewards: 25 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Dark Times" and find Arthomas at the Home Base.

Oromir's Artifact

"Grab the artifact from below Magna Dwyll and give it to Oromir. Apparently it will help."
Rewards: 50 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Duke of Lies"

Animus Stones

"Retrieve 5 Animus Stones from Cursed Statues below the Kindred Hideout."
Rewards: 350 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Oromir's Artifact"

The Duke's Request

"Speak to Arthomas on Oromir's behalf. He wishes to have the support of The Ensis in his experiments."
Rewards: 10 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Animus Stones"

A New Ally

"Return to Magna Dwyll. Oromir, Ka-Nil and Arthomas are waiting there."
Rewards: 10 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Duke's Request"

Kin of the Deep Quests

Isazna, the Prophet

"Find the Kin of the Deep prophet, Isazna. She is located under the Ensis Stronghold in a prison cell."
Rewards: 55 XP, Enviro Suit

Prerequisites: Speak to Gemskhet at the Kindred Hideout

Searching for Artifacts

"Isazna asked you to retrieve an artifact from the Volcano, then bring it back to her."
Rewards: 200 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Isazna, the Prophet"

The Second Artifact

"Grab the second artifact, located in the Ensis Stronghold Exterior, then return to Isazna."
Rewards: 120 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Searching for Artifacts"


"Take Isazna to the Kindred Hideout."
Rewards: 150 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "The Second Artifact"

Stolen Blade

"Find the thief of Gemskhet's Ritual Dagger, kill him, and bring the blade back to its rightful owner."
Rewards: 200 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Escape"

Meeting the Xul

"Gemskhet needs you to check on the Xul. You can find them in the Red Desert."
Rewards: 50 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Stolen Blade"

A Source of Power

"Go to the city Magna Dwyll, and kill Oromir, the Duke of Lies."
Rewards: 250 XP

Prerequisites: Complete "Meeting the Xul"

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