Status effects apply bonuses or detriments to a character, usually for a set number of turns.


For its duration, being poisoned deals 1-4 damage to a character every turn. Characters with Poison Resistance have a 20% chance to negate all the damage, and an 80% chance to halve it. If the damage roll is greater or equal to the affected character's remaining Health, no damage is taken. You cannot die directly from Poison.


Characters that are bleeding take 2-4 damage every turn. If they have Bleed Resistance, there is an 80% chance to reduce the damage by half, and a 20% chance to negate it all completely. If the damage roll is greater or equal to the affected character's remaining Health, no damage is taken.


A leftover status from when Hunger was a mechanic in Axu. Characters with this status have a 5% chance every turn to vomit, creating a pool of it underneath them. This pool has between 1 and 2 units of Vomit.


Affected characters are on fire for its duration. This status effect deals 3-5 Fire damage to a character every turn, reduced by their Fire Resistance. Being doused in water puts the fire out.


Upon attempting to move, affected characters have a 20% chance to stumble in a random direction instead.


Affected characters are laying on the ground. Moving while this status is active conveys a 5 Action Point penalty to that action. Attacking while Toppled adds a -5% chance to hit, and a 7 Action Point penalty.


Stunned characters miss their next turn while this status effect is active.


For each turn of Slow on a character, their Action Point total is reduced by 1. If the duration of Slow exceeds the affected character's speed - 3, the status effect is replaced with 2-5 turns of Frozen.


Similar to Stun, Frozen prevents characters from acting within its duration.


This status effect is applied by Webs. It prevents movement while active, but characters who are stuck can still use other actions, like attacking or throwing items.


Every turn while active, the affected character heals (Endurance + 1) Health.


Movement speed is multiplied by 1.5x while this status is active.


The player can no longer see beyond their own tile.

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