Traits affect a character's stats. Every 3 levels, you can pick one from a pool of 3 random traits.

Name Description Effects
___ Training You are better with ___. +1 ___ Proficiency
Charming You have a way with words. Shopkeepers like you. +3 Influence
Sure-Footed You have learned to traverse webs without being caught in them. Webs cannot hold you
Lithe Your hands are very quick. +1 Dexterity
Runner Before coming to Axu, you ran as a hobby. +2 Move Speed
Fortitudinous You have greater tolerance for the wilds. +1 Endurance
Insightful You have greater knowledge +1 Intelligence
Organized You are able to pack your belongings efficiently. +3 Storage Capacity
Book Worm You are more intelligent, but your strength suffers. +1 Intelligence

-1 Strength

Simple You have higher health and resiliance to attacks, but your stamina and intelligence are lower. +10 Max Health

+1 Defense

-5 Max Stamina

-1 Intelligence

Healthy You are at the peak of physical fitness. +5 Max Health
Energetic You have plenty of energy. +5 Max Stamina
Deft You attack slightly faster with all weapon types. -2 Attack Delay
Well Composed Your blood clots quickly, and you have a higher tolerance to poisons. Poison Resistance

Bleed Resistance

Stable Genetics You are less likely to mutate, and resist radiation slightly. Radiation Resistance
Fast Walker You move slightly quicker than average. +1 Move Speed
Fast Metabolism Your fast metabolism allows you to heal quicker. Increased Health Regen
Stealthy Enemies are less likely to notice you. +3 Stealth
Thick Skin Your skin has several extra layers, providing protection from attacks. +1 Defense
Keen Eye You have impeccable eye sight. +1 Accuracy
Fast Swimmer You lose no time while travelling in water. No movement penalty in water.
Weathered You are tolerant to harsh conditions. +10% Heat Resistance

+10% Cold Resistance

Reflective Iris Your eyes are able to penetrate the darkness somewhat. +1 Light Radius
Cannibal You have a reputation for devouring human flesh. -5 Influence
Irritating You have an irritating personality. -4 Influence
Distorted Body Your body is a random assortment of limbs. Start the game with randomized limbs.
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